On December 12th 2015, a small conference on the topic of Functional Programming in Swift will happen in Brooklyn (just like in 2014). We will have a day filled with with awesome talks and lots of great conversation.


Veronica Ray

Agnes Vasarhelyi

Alexis Gallagher

Brian Partridge

Brandon Williams

Chris Eidhof

Colin Barrett


Kickstarter has kindly offered to host us, and provide snacks, lunch, and drinks. Their offices are located at 58 Kent St, Greenpoint, close the G train and Greenpoint Ferry Terminal.


Join us at 10am for breakfast snacks and conversations with other functional programming enthusiasts. The first talk will begin at 11am, there will be five 30 minute talks and two 15 minute lightning talks. Lunch will be served around 1pm, and the entire conference should be over around 6pm.


Tickets are already sold out. However, you can register for the waiting list here. If you already have a ticket, but cannot make it, please be so kind to cancel your ticket so we can free your spot to people on the waiting list.

Inclusivity Policy

We think that diversity is important: people are diverse, problems and opportunities are diverse, and conferences are better when they reflect that. Here is our inclusivity policy.


This event is organized by Brandon Williams and Chris Eidhof. If you have questions or need to contact us you can email us at the following addresses:

2014 Edition: See the old website for a short recap (and videos) of last year's edition.